How do I upload the full text of a paper to CRO?

Answered By: Rhav Lutchman
Last Updated: 30 Mar 2023 Views: 559

  1. Log in to Elements.
  2. From the Homepage, select Publications which will take you to My Publications.
  3. From My Publications, search for the title of the relevant paper.
  4. Click on deposit button.

  1. Deposit advice is available
  2. Choose file from your hard drive to upload
  3. Upload the author accepted manuscript and select Accepted version from the File version drop down menu. If published Gold Open accedd you can upload the published version and select Published version.
  4. Click upload

  1. Click Deposit my publication to complete upload. This will move the publication into our repository admin area where the publications team checks for copyright and metadata and makes the publication available on City Research Online.

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