Mindmapping software

Answered By: Jessica Wykes
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Mind mapping is a visual form of note making which can help you:

  • Capture your thoughts
  • Create an overview of a topic.
  • Explore or break down an idea, concept, or problem and identify relationships and connections.
  • Create revision plans with the use of colour and images to help recall information.
  • Plan, structure and organise assignments and other written work.
  • Manage projects and tasks and create Gantt charts.

Access MindGenius on campus

MindGenius software is available on all student Windows computers at City through the AppsAnywhere page which automatically opens in your browser when you login. 

Access MindGenius remotely

MIndGenius is available for City staff and students to use at home on any Windows 10 device via AppsAnywhere.

Find out how to open and launch AppsAnywhere

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