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About the h-index

  • h-index is a number which represents a combination of a number of publications and the number of citations of those publications
  • h-index is subject specific and should not be compared across different disciplines
  • h-index increases with time and so early carrier researchers are disadvantaged
  • not all authors will have a h-index calculated for them by Scopus and Google Scholar
    • Scopus: publications need to be indexed by Scopus (Scopus applies rules to selecting publications to index) for a h-index of an author to be available (if publications are not indexed, a request for indexing may be submitted)
    • Google Scholar: a profile must be created by an author before h-index can be provided by Google Scholar 
  • it is possible for an author to only have a h-index in one, Scopus or Google Scholar, and not the other
  • Google Scholar h-index will generally be higher than Scopus h-index
  • h-index is not calculated by CRO team

Step 1

Go to the City Library website, https://www.city.ac.uk/library and search for Scopus. 


Login with your City username and password.

You don't need to set up a free account, so ‘Continue as guest’ or click ‘x’ to remove the message.

Step 2

To find h-index of an author, click on ‘Authors’, then fill in their surname, first name and click ‘Search’. 

Depending on the author’s name, there may be a number of results and it will be necessary to find the correct entry.

It is possible to narrow the search using a number of filters on the left hand side of the screen.
Note: Authors are not always affiliated with the correct institution.

Step 3

Click on the selected name. If it's not possible to click on the selected name, there is no author’s account associated with that entry. It may be, that there is another entry in the list of results pointing to the same author which entry is clickable. Please check the list of results carefully and be aware of the filters applied and possible incorrect affiliations applied

Note: If multiple entries for a same author exist, it is possible to request a merging of these entries. This can only be done by the author.

Once the author’s details are displayed, a few listed publications should be checked against the list of publications on the author’s academic profile to ensure correct Scopus profile has been reached.


The h-index is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.


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