Answered By: Lenka Shipton
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If you frequently find journal articles you are not able to read with our library subscriptions, try using browser extensions to help you find openly accessible copies. 


What are browser extensions?

Browser extensions are small software programs which add specific functionality to your browsing experience. Open access browser extensions will search the Web for openly accessible copy of any scholarly text.

Suggested browser extensions:

How do you enable an extension?

To install the extension of your choice, download the extension from the tool’s website or app store.

Referencing open access scholarly texts 

To learn how to reference content found in digital repositories, make use of Cite Them Right Online or a print copy of Cite Them Right available in the Library.

Other ways to access scholarly texts

If you cannot find an openly accessible version of the paper, see other options how to get hold of resources not available at City Library.





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