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Topping up your printing account

You can top up and view your printing and photocopying credit online.

You will need to login with your City IT Username and password.

How to print

You can print using the following methods and devices:

  • Student computer select: File > Print > Managed Print Service HP on printservice
  • Your own device:
    • If you are connected to eduroam wifi select File > Print > Managed Print Service HP on printservice.
    • If you are not connected to wifi visit, select 'Web print' and follow the instructions.
  • From your City Email Account:  send an email with the document attached to

Collecting your printing

You can retrieve your printing from any printer across the entire campus.

  1. Swipe your ID card.
  2. Select 'Print release'.
  3. Choose the documents you wish to print and select 'Print' or 'Print all'.

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