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Yes - City holds a licence that permits this. This must be done using Reading Lists. Contact your Subject Librarian or the Digitisation Team to discuss this.

During the COVID-19 situation:

  • up to 30% or three chapters of a book (whichever is greater) can be scanned and made available. (The limit is 10% or one chapter in normal circumstances.)

  • scans can be made from academics' own copies. (Normally a library copy must be used.)

  • the library need not own a copy of the publication. (Normally the library must own a copy.)

These concessions have been granted by the Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA) to its licence-holders until the end of the COVID-19 situation, or 30th June, whichever is earlier. If the situation continues beyond 30th June, these measures may be extended. After the COVID-19 situation, the normal licence terms will apply.

There are some restrictions: for example, the title must be covered by the CLA licence, and there must not be an ebook commercially available.

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