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We have been listening to feedback from staff and students and, from academic year 2020/2021, we will only keep the latest copy of a list on Reading Lists Online to avoid any confusion for students


We will, therefore, no longer roll over reading lists from one academic year to the next.  When the content of the reading list has been reviewed, the date label needs to be changed from academic year 2019-20 to academic year 2020-21.


To change the date label, just click Edit to view the drop down menu, then select Edit List Details and pick the academic year. 


Once you have edited the date label, students will be able to link to the reading list from the Module dashboard, at the top of each module on Moodle. 


The Reading Lists Online Edit menu dropdown list. 


If you have embedded sections of a reading list in your Moodle module, the links will continue working, even after the Moodle roll over. You will not need to change the URLs.


If you are not familiar with Reading Lists Online, you can also book a 1-2-1 training session via Teams with your Subject Librarian.

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