How do I reconnect my ORCID to my Elements profile?

Answered By: David McTaggart
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If you have an ORCID in your Elements profile but it isn't connected to your ORCID profile, you can reconnect it by selecting 'Reconnect your ORCID id' in your ORCID Settings (from the menu button, ≡ , located on the top left of the homescreen)


You will be asked to sign in to your ORCID profile.

The ORCiD login screen.









You will then be directed back to Elements where you can set up how you want Elements and ORCID to share data. available options are:

Read from and write publication data to my ORCID account - publications from Elements are sent to ORCID profile. If you select this option you can choose which type of publications are shared. 

Read data from my ORCID account - Elements will read the information contained in the ORCID account but no information will be modified in either profile.

Only use my ORCID to support automatic claiming - Elements will neither read from, nor write to your ORCID account but will use your ORCID to automatically claim publications with that ORCID.

Select your preferred option, Save and click Run Sync.


You can also send ORCID details of your affiliation with City University of London by selecting the Send Affiliation tab.


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