Changes to Westlaw login and personal settings

Answered By: Fiona Paterson
Last Updated: 03 Dec 2020 Views: 187

Following an essential update you can now sign in to Westlaw and Practical Law through the IT login screen.

This means you will need to register a second time for a ThomsonReuters OnePass account. You can continue through to access Westlaw as normal once you have entered your name and email address to set up your new account.

If you have saved content under your previous ThomsonReuters OnePass account AND you would prefer not to use the new profile that has been created, we can try and restore your previous settings. This is by request only.

If you would like us to liaise with Westlaw to try and restore your old profile please follow these steps:

  1. On the first time registration screen, enter your details and the email address that is linked to your previous OnePass profile.
  2. Register once, but do not use the personal folders and functions.
  3. Let us know you have registered via and we will contact Westlaw who will do their best to match up your account details.

If you have already registered a new OnePass account you can still contact us via with the details of your new account.

If you do not need your old settings please continue with the new OnePass account.

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