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You can listen back to some articles on the Taylor & Francis Online platform using the ReadSpeaker webReader.

  1. ReadSpeaker is available for web content and you will find it in the Listen widget embedded above the article title.
  2. Select the Listen button to listen to the text.
  3. The toolbar will expand to show the pause, stop, forward and rewind, volume and reading speed buttons.
  4. There are various settings in the reader which you can access from the expand menu (3 line menu).
  5. You can access the settings to turn on highlighting and change the highlighting colours. Text is simultaneously highlighted as it reads aloud to help keep your place and focus. You can also adjust the settings for any of the pop-out options below.
  6. Read on hover. The reader will start at any point where you move your cursor over the text.
  7. Enlarge text. WebReader will read the text aloud and display the text at the bottom of the page with larger font and simultaneous highlighting. 
  8. Text Mode. View the text in a pop-out reader where you can customise font, text size and background colour. Select the play button to listen to the text.
  9. Page Mask. Displays a reading ruler on the page to section out lines or paragraphs or text making it easier to focus and reduce distraction. When activated, use the plus and minus size to control the size of the ruler.
  10. Download as MP3 to download an audio version of the text.
  11. Full guidance, including keyboard navigation, can be found in the Help button.

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