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Speak screen

For Simple text-to-speech hear iPad speak the screen.

  1. To activate Speak Screen swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers.
  2. This will open the speak screen toolbar where you can pause, stop or change the voice speed.
    A webpage in Safari browser showing the speech settings widget open.
  3. In the Settings - Accessibility - Speech, you can change some more of the Speech settings such as the synchronous highlighting, the voice and the pronunciation of words.

Reader View

In iOS Safari browser Reader View and the options to change the visual display and font are available for supported web content (please note that Reader View mode is not available for some library resources).

The image below shows a SpringerLink book open in iOS Safari.

  1. Press the Reader View button in the web address bar will simplify the page layout and remove distraction.
  2. Press the aA icon  to change text size, colour theme and font. Some newer devices will only show the aA icon only and you will find all the settings in there.
    An E-book displayed in iOS Safari showing Reader view and change text display. The page is in reverse contrast.

Colour Filters

  1. Go to Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Colour Filters.
  2. Toggle Colour filters on.
  3. Use one of the preset options listed: Greyscale, Red/Green filter Protanopia, Green/Red filter Deuteranopia, Blue/Yellow filter Tritanopia.
  4. Or use Colour Tint to customise your own filter.
  5. Drag the hue slider to match with the preferred colour of the pencils above.
    The colour filters settings shows pencils in a rainbow of colours, starting with red and yellow, and ending with purple and brown.


You can use VoiceOver, Apple's built-in screenreader to navigate to and listen back to content as well as speak the content.

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