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A selection of e-readers which can be used with some downloadable formats are listed below:

  • Capti Personal Available online. Change colour theme, font and access text-to-speech in the free version.
  • RNIB Bookshare You must be register with Disability Support or Neurodiversity Support and have a referral for alternative formats before you can be set up with an RNIB Bookshare account. All books which are labelled 'Read Online' can be opened in RNIB Bookshare's online reader which has text-to-speech, magnification, and a range of background colour and font options.
    • You can also use the Dolphin EasyReader for iOS and Android, an accessible reading app for people with dyslexia, blindness or low vision to access titles from your RNIB Bookshare account.
  • Thorium Reader available for Windows devices and Mac. Works well with EPUB formats. Features include: change text size with reflow, switch background colour and theme, change fonts, text-to-speech and bookmarking.The Thorium Reader interface with an EPUB open with customizations to large text size, sepia colour theme spaced text and san serif font.

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