“Access is Denied” message

Answered By: Fiona Paterson
Last Updated: 09 Aug 2022 Views: 10794

There are several reasons why you are denied access to an online resource:

Your Library Account has expired

You cannot access online resources once your Library membership has expired at the end of your course or employment.

Course extensions

If you are a current student at City, University of London and have recently had a course extension, contact your course officer to ensure that your student record has been updated. If you are unsure, or you believe the record has been updated contact us with your course details, name, and University ID number.

You are an Alumni member

Alumni members are not entitled to access to the Library's online resources. 

Online resources for alumni are available through the Alumni Network.

You can also access a limited number of online resources on site at the Business Library and the Northampton Square Library using the walk-in access PC.

Student or staff at Kaplan, INTO, or one of our validated courses

You are only entitled to access a limited range of our online resources, and are trying to access a resource you do not have permission to.

If you believe that this is incorrect then contact us with your full name and University ID number, and we will look in to it for you.

Licensing restrictions

A small number of our online resources are only available to students and staff on specific courses.  If you are not studying on that course then you will receive the access denied message. 

If you believe that this is incorrect contact us with your full name and University ID number and we will investigate further.

If you are unsure, or have questions, contact us, giving your full name and University ID number and we will look into it further.

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